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Acireale was established 3000 years ago on the banks of the river Aci, it was an important trading hub. 300 years after its foundation it was colonized by the Greeks and given the name Xiphonia (Sword) due to its intriguing shape. It is situated 300m above sea level along the coast. It is famous for its colourful Mardi Gras Carnival, known as the most beautiful carnival in Sicily.


Heading towards Mount Etna, between Catania and Taormina you will find the town of Giarre. This town is only three centuries old, which makes it a young city for Italian standards; it is worth visiting for its delightful city centre surrounded by cathedrals.


Acitrezza is a seaside town near Catania. It is the destination for tourists wanting to go to the beach and get a tan. This town has many restaurants, bars and entertainment. Acitrezza is famous for its rock formations called ‘faraglioni’ or also known as the ‘islands of the Cyclops’,this is the name given to them from the myth of ‘the odyssey’ where the Cyclops throws large boulders at the vessels of Ulysses who is escaping after having blinded him.

Mount Etna

Mount Etna is one of the greatest natural attractions in Europe. It has a long history of spectacular eruptions, like the one in 1669 that lasted 122 days. It rises on the east cost of Sicily and occupies an area of 1265 km², with a diameter of more than 40 kilometres, it has a base circumference of 135km. Mount Etna was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2014.


Taormina is situated on the rocky mountain of Tauro that overlooks the Ionian Sea, approximately 250 metres above sea level. Here you will find a spectacular view of the strait of Messina to one side and on the other a towering Mount Etna. Described by Goethe as ‘the greatest masterpiece of art and nature’ Taormina is a must-see destination for any tourist.


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